Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spread all about?

Spread is a Nigerian microblogging and short video social networking service created for Nigerians home and abroad, and the world at large

Can I earn using Spread?

Yes please, bring your friends and family here, we will not only say thanks to you but also reward you with real cash

Must I create account before accessing Spread

You do not necessarily need to create account before accessing Spread as we provide Guest Mode that allows visitors access to content however you may be unable to perform several functions like Like, comment on Posts etc

Why should I upgrade to a premium account?

Upgrading your account to a premium account helps supporting us to keep this platform going, it also enables you to get instant verification (popularly known as Blue Tick), turns off advertisement, monetization access and much more

Can I place my business or product adverts on Spread?

Yes please and our charges are very minimal as low as ₦45 per CTC, please note that this amount can change at any moment, also note that we do not charge for views (No CPV) on Spread, this simply means your Ad could have up to 10 million views yet spent just ₦500 on clicks, you are charged only when users click on your ad, this is why we are different from other social media networks and lastly your ads could stay active and run as long as you want without further spending

How do I pay for ads on Spread?

You can simply pay online via Flutterwave or bank transfer, other payment platforms will be added soon

Can I create page for my business just like on Facebook?

Yes please, you can create a business page using your business name however not like it is on Facebook, you can use your account on spread as personal or business page

Can I monetize my content and make some money with Spread?

Yes please, you can monetize your account and allow your followers to pay you before accessing your contents

How can I get paid or withdraw my fund?

You can withdraw your fund any time, any day once you have money in your account and have reached our minimum payout

Why is my video not uploading?

Could be as a result of many factors such as bad internet connection, could be your video is more than 24mb, could be your video is corrupted etc. Note: Spread is a short video social media network and can only take maximum of 24mb at a time, if you intend to upload more than 24mb, please share Youtube link instead

How can I contact you?

Contact Us here

Can I withdraw fund from my account?

Yes please anytime, any day

Is it free to withdraw or are there any charges?

We charge token of 10% to get your fund to your bank account

Why is my transfer not successful or why am I debited twice?

Please note that if your transfer is not successful it could be that your balance is low or the amount you are trying to transfer is higher than the amount permitted by our system, if you are transferring money to another once you initiate the transfer once, please check your balance by refreshing the page sometimes network could be bad and you may be debited twice, checking your balance will prevent double transactions

How can I be refunded if double transactions are mistakenly done

We do not have access to anyone's account regarding crediting or debiting account, the system auto does all these, so we would not be able to debit the recipient if you mistakenly send fund twice, we would advise you to contact the recipient for such claim and refund

Can I get verified without being a premium member?

Yes you can be verified as a free user, you do not necessarily need to be a premium member to get verified

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