6 months ago (E)
Somewhere at Egbeda Lagos
6 months ago
By reaching this stage in life, the lion can no longer hunt, kill or defend itself.
It roars and roars until it weakens, then it will be surrounded by the Hyenas, nibbled and devoured.
They won't even let him die to be dismembered.
Life is short, what happens to the lion also happens to us humans.
We won't be young forever.
We won't always be the strongest.
We won't always be on top.
We won't always be the boss.
We won't always be the king of the jungle or king of life.
As long as God and life gives us opportunities, let's be humble, remove arrogance and mistreatment.
Because sooner or later, life will pass us a bill and we will reap just what we sow.
6 months ago (E)
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